A week with the New Bing has helped me see the future of answers, and it's full of possibility except if you work for outlets like Vox.
I've long argued to prospective students that a journalism is the most flexible degree you can seek, one that can prepare you for diverse careers. It's…

February 2023

The sky is falling, some say. But the lines of code that make up an AI really are the thing that will ruin education, maybe it's the education model…

December 2022

Hey everyone, happy Friday. Short post again to share some more public work I’ve published over the past couple of weeks. I’ve been a busy bee on the…
OpenAI's new generative text chat tool has gone viral. People who teach writing are afraid, but they shouldn't be.
A short note about a recent publication

November 2022

If we have to migrate to non-Twitter spaces, we need to resist the urge to police people's choices—about whether to stay, or where they land.
It's looking bleak out there, folks. Brand spoofs, tanked stocks, and a verification system that is predictably bad. Here's an earnest, probably bad…
With Twitter flailing, I spent a week trying to level up my experience on the major social network people are fleeing to. It has a learning curve, but…

October 2022

Elon's about to get a $44 billion education into what users love about Twitter. His ability to grasp that and make good policy will determine whether…
Twitter's user data is bleak, but it's not an isolated circumstance. We are in the middle of a social media landscape reshuffling that was inevitable as…

August 2022

When is a QR code not just a QR code? When it provides a way around information chokepoints, and is spread by people power.